Erika Nyqvist

the psychopomp

18 years old

Half-Sacha, Half-Laskian

Trans woman

Raised as Samme


Playful and coy. Drawn to aberrance, wickedness, and mystery, viewing herself as a collector and connoisseur of interesting things and interesting people. Can appear shy at best, callous and sadistic at worst. Her emotional reactions are often delayed, and if not, inappropriate in magnitude — coming off as either too expressive, or not expressive enough. Thus she has few friends, and has left school early to finish her studies at home.


5'7, pale skin, shoulder-length brunette hair styled with bangs, and green eyes. Erika is often found wearing clothing called mjukbuninge, which are casual and colorful dresses popular among young Laskian women.


Inge - Her best friend. They have known each other since early childhood, but by no means have they had a totally peaceful relationship. Despite their frequent arguments, Erika considers Inge her only true ally in life, and assumes that the feeling is mutual.

Stellan - Her father. He is a Laskian missionary who has recently returned to Erika's life, after years of working in a distant country far South. So much time apart has strained their relationship; she prefers not to be in his presence, though begrudgingly admits an unconditional love for him. Stellan is soft-spoken but quick to harbor feelings of resentment. Of late, he has grown more paranoid.

Mari - Her mother. Born to a fisherman family, though she went to school in the cities. Mari is an outspoken, robust woman who is proud of her indigenous roots. Her extroversion can veer off into belligerence if gone unchecked.