Inge Janssen

the anchorite


Färan and Laskian ancestry

Cis man

Raised agnostic, converted to Lutheranism.


Inge is very serious, in contrast to Erika's playfulness. Their mother died when they were young, and their father has disappeared recently. Having finished school, they are considering training to be a part of the novitiate at the Östanbäck Monastery. They are both protective and envious of Erika.


5'6, tanned skin, short blond hair, often unkempt and falling over his forehead, dark eyes. Inge is most often seen wearing his school uniform. He prefers formal clothing for all kinds of occassions, consciously or unconsciously imitating the ascetic style of clergical vestments.


Erika - His best friend. They have known each other since early childhood.

Per - His father. An esteemed dentist who has sacrificed much for his family. Has secretly always looked down on Erika and her family, for having Sami blood and for being so ostentatiously religious. Loves his only son fiercely, but tends to be controlling more often than not, creating a stifling household atmosphere.