ID: Two young adults in school uniform, Inge and Erika (left to right), stand backlit by an obscured figure in a dentist's chair. The only visible part of the stranger is their mouth, opened to the point of all teeth bared. Various metal tools keep the mouth open, and a bright light is trained onto the teeth. The rest of the image, including Inge and Erika, is in relative shadow. Inge and Erika both are wearing orthodontic headgear.

Inge's father, Per, is an esteemed dentist; virtually all dentists (and many doctors besides) working in Laskland know of him and respect his skill. In fact, this is how Inge and Erika "met", as they both were the only two students in their prepatory class that wore headgear. Per has always wanted Inge to follow in his footsteps of becoming a doctor, whether in dentistry or otherwise, but Inge feels stifled by his father's high expectations and demands. In Inge's neighborhood, he is known as "Per's boy" or "that dentist's kid" — his father casts a long shadow, one that seems impossible to escape from.

Erika, meanwhile, is interested in the troubled father-son dynamic, and listens intently to Inge's frustrations. She herself has always had a lukewarm relationship with her own father, Stellan, so familial friction is something that (for lack of a better word) fascinates her.